Sunday, July 3, 2011

1 Year with Transition California

July marks our one year anniversary managing and sponsoring the Transition California Community Network.  We had hoped to launch some kind of fireworks or at least have some kind of a spectacular online extravaganza but for now this first post to the new Transition California blog will have to suffice.  

So what has happened in the 12 months since Bob Banner handed the reins over to the SeThInk Media team and how has the network grown and changed?

Because we are not a 'non-profit' or officially sanctioned, recognized, or even approved of by the Transition US officialdom we are not really under any obligation to impress Transition California members with major milestone reports (to justify donations) or give any long list of successful projects/programs that will satisfy any grants we may have received. When we first began this endeavor we had but one intention - to help the community evolve.  This blog is our anniversary present to ourselves and the community - a place where we can openly share with members stories from this past year and visions for the coming years. 

Has the community evolved?  

In our opinion and judgment yes it has. 

Has it evolved along lines that will allow the Transition Town groups here in California to achieve their missions and goals? 

That can only be answered by individuals who are part of those groups.

During the early stages we did a blog post called 'How's Our Driving' where we asked for feedback from the community.  Some folks responded and we appreciated their comments and feedback. 

Now a year later we ask once again - "How's Our Driving' and there is no need to start a new blog post - let's just build on the old one.    Please take some time to let us know how this online community has served you or 'not' and share with us whatever ideas you think would make this network evolve into the kind of online resource you would like to have access to. 

We cannot promise we will be able to deliver and in some cases we would expect you to be willing to put some steam into the engine (we don't get paid for this and we only have so much time available so if you want to see something cool happen you will have to be willing to help out if possible) We also want to let you all know that we are aware of the obstacles and challenges that we all face during these times and the contact and conversations with various members over this past year have seeded good groundwork for us to be able to assist groups and individuals and we want those of you who we have made commitments with to know that we have not at all forgotten those conversations.  We are working to secure more team members and resources to follow through with those ideas and plans.  When you do long term planning you have to weave patience into the tapestry of your designs!