Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Micro Transitions and Happy Solstice!

Well established fruit/nut trees and a 400ft elevation drop on land just 18 miles from where we lived proved to be enough incentive for our *Ka-tet to uproot (literally) and move our headquarters to new pastures.  A nice barn for our 5 horses and 4 goats was also a factor in our choice to relocate but above all else the universe sometimes simply catapults you to where **Ka decides your purpose can be best served.  In other words:  We moved....

Most people hate moving and during our 30 day exit strategy we thought a great deal about how strenuous the transition could have been had we not embarked upon it with a spirit of adventure and a dash of voluntary insanity.  Upon deeper contemplation our team realized that our move had to be somehow connected with the larger planetary transition and we were carried through the tougher parts of the move by a sense of heading toward our 'right place'.  

During one of our load hauls we pulled over to pass the cell phone between our two vehicles and an SUV pulled in next to us and asked us if we knew how to get to 'right place' - we laughed and said, 'we hope so' and the folks laughed with us and then gave us the spelling - 'Wright Place'...just one of those moments.  

It is Solstice eve and we have finally got our wireless connected to all of our computers and we will be catching up now with all our online efforts that have been neglected.  We wish all you Transition'ers a blessed Solstice and Happy Holidays...

*Ka-Tet: Literally speaking, ka-tet means "one made from many." Ka refers to destiny; tet refers to a group of people with the same interests or goals. Ka-tet is the place where man's lives are joined by fate.

**Ka: Like many words in High Speech, ka has multiple meanings and so is difficult to define precisely. It signifies life-force, consciousness, duty and destiny. In the vulgate, or low speech, it also means a place to which an individual must go. The closest terms in our language are probably fate and destiny.

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  1. Happy to hear you are finding your "right place"...where your purpose can be served....and noting that this year we too have moved -- after 20 years, renting our house to free us to travel, cross-pollinate in this transition, and tape Peak Moment shows. Onward with whatever the Universe points to!

    Blessings~ Janaia & Robyn, Peak Moment TV