Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Black Dragon and GMO's!

Kings Dwelling in the
Depths of the Mystic Waters
2012 - The Year of the Black Water Dragon is upon us!  "Kings Dwelling in the Depths of the Mystic Waters" was a notation on wikipedia in reference to the Black Water Dragon and we decided that it would be an awesome theme to this years TCA community!  

Think about it...kings dwelling in mystic all of you who have been working ceaselessly beneath the surface of the collapsing old world systems/structures...mighty folks of unbending intent to see a new and sustainable world emerge as we move forward through this transition! 

"Ahhh...golly..." some of you may say but in reality you know deep in your heart that your purpose and its fulfillment can only be served through your relentless pursuit to see sustainable clean energy, buildings, food, and community become the norm. 

Okay - so let's breathe some Dragon Fire and launch into 2012 with a worthy collective cause that can galvanize the Transition California Community together in common purpose!  

Those of you who were members when we began our sponsorship and management of this community network may remember the Local Grow campaign that provide an opportunity for this community to act and support a relevant cause.  The year of 2012 calls for a mighty causes to succeed because the seeds we plant this year will be the fruit of our future - both symbolic and literally!
Like most folks who have committed and dedicated themselves to a successful transition to a sustainable world, we prefer the 'literal' manifestation of our efforts and the 'cause' needs to undeniably be relevant to everyone.  

What cause or initiative is worthy of the hundreds of members of this community?  

What cause can every member have a direct impact that can be easily executed?

What cause can be easily woven into the tapestry of your current efforts?  

What cause will directly impact every single person who lives in California?  

And what cause can take the 'seed you sow today becomes the fruit of your future' axiom and become literal?  

Drum roll please....


"On November 9, 2011 the grassroots Committee For the Right to Know and a wide-ranging coalition of consumer, public health and environmental organizations, food companies, and individuals submitted the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act to the State Attorney General for title and summary, prior to circulation as an initiative measure for the November 2012 election.
The initiative would require genetically engineered foods (also known as Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs) and foods containing GMO ingredients to be clearly labeled, similar to current labels with other nutritional information."

Transition California community member Jeanne who publishes "Hole in the Fence' blog, is prepared to help this community come together to see that Mandatory Labeling of GMO's gets put on the California Initiative ballot this year and the initiative organizers are willing to do anything they can to help the Transition California Community play a key role in the success of this effort!  

We have created a special group for this effort in order to best keep track of the Transition California members contribution and impact of this campaign.  Please join this group to learn more, get involved, and download resources so that successful collaboration and strategies can be executed!

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