Tuesday, April 10, 2012


How is everyone doing these days?  

Our team often stays up late every night due to the nature of our work and our discussions usually always have that question come up as we ponder that 'state of the state'.  

We are constantly immersed in data/information mining and we wonder how any human is able to handle their daily lives without meaningful context.  We cannot imagine having to process all the events of the world without any reference point or even key words that lend meaning to anything - our key word of course is 'Transition'...we are in it...

Please share with us how you are doing on the network - pictures say a thousand words if you don't want to write anything and sometimes just sharing a link to websites that have been helpful to your own efforts can assist others as well.  

Our point is that we have spent hundreds of hours and a great deal of resources keeping this network up and evolving to serve the Transition community and we have been able to connect with quite a few of you, but the potential of connection and sharing has hardly been tapped.  

We attempted to rally some community-unity around the LabelGMO campaign but we were disappointed that only a handful of members joined the group that was set up....then later we learned from the campaign organizers that doing trainings online was prohibited so we had to back off on our own efforts as well. It is crazy how organizers set up limitations that effectively sabotage the potential online impact - Obama would have never gotten into office without the power of the internet and the LabelGMO campaign would have had so many more petition folks on the streets if they could have simply watched a training video online and downloaded the petitions...

We know that this network has some of the most committed and resourceful people in the State of California and we want to empower/support any collaborative/unified efforts.  

"Transition Towns' are 'local' orientated initiatives but this community has the chance to expand and evolve the Transition agenda beyond that.  The official Transition movement has been criticized as having a 'life boat' mentality and in some articles/forums we have read even worse things.  This network is not recognized by the official Transition circles so that gives this community an opportunity to expand any definitions or limitations that being 'official' would entail. 

We don't think this community has a shortage of visionaries or go-getters and it is time for some kind of collaborative action/effort that would serve as an example of how people committed to the successful transition can come together as 'Titans of Transition'.  So let's hear the ideas no matter how big or small...it just has to be something that can be done by everyone no matter where they live.  

How to make visions into reality is an art yet the rewards of having created a collective masterpiece are endless.  We know we are all seeking successful transition - what can be done on a statewide level that everyone would feel passionate and willing to commit some contribution?  Post your inspirations, ideas, thoughts, videos, or pictures here....


  1. These are some pretty cool articles and ideas.

    There is a movement going on to be self-sustaining and independent. I saw this most impressive video a couple of weeks ago and have been spreading the word around our community.

    Back to Eden - the movie

    Also Subject: Waking Times : Can Russia’s Garden Plot Model Feed the World, Organically?

  2. Marleen Luckman, Ojai, CAApril 12, 2012 at 12:00 PM

    I have a vision of California towns and cities being on a net zero energy plan--buildings that create their own energy, communities with solar and bio-fuel cooperatives, and publicly owned water companies. In Ojai, local government has a goal to be CPUC-free. . . in other words having control over our own energy generation and management and our own water company. We no longer want to buy water or energy from large corporations.