Monday, December 31, 2012

Post 2012 - A New Beginning

Now that we have all successfully transitioned into Year One - Post 2012 we can move forward without so much 'end of the world' noise around our collective transition efforts towards a sustainable planet.  We cannot remember ever going through a 365 days cycle around the Sun that had so much intense activity and collective freak out on so many fronts.  

We trusted that everything would come back to center and it feels like it has been slowly calming down.  The question 'What now?" is reverberating in many circles and from what we have been able to glean it seems that folks are rolling up their sleeves to move onward and upward with renewed commitment.

Transition US is promising to engage in various projects, programs, and expansion campaigns in 2013 for its 'official' groups - their newsletter is currently circulating a whopping 7,500 subscribers in a national population of 350 million people so they have their work definitely cut out for them.  Their ideas for 2013 can be read in this 'Transition US - A Year in Review' doc.  

As sponsors of the 'unofficial' Transition Towns California Community Network - home to a little over 1500 members within a State population of 33 million - we can only promise our continued commitment and support in time/energy to members of the network through paying the hosting/subscription fees for the platform, providing management/administration, updating information/resources as often as we can, and simply holding space for folks to connect with each other.  

The 'what now' for our team is that we are beginning a new phase of our long term agenda that we have been calling our '7 Year Leap'...2013 to 2020.  

All of the work we have engaged in since the year 2000 was part of the Y2K to 2012 Agenda (probably been awhile since you thought of the Y2K collective freak out yeah?) We have succeeded in all of our main foundation building efforts and we are excited to be moving into the manifestation stage of over a decades worth of social research and experiments within the sustainability movement.  

The information we were able to gather during that time is sufficient for us to proceed with the actual on the ground manifestation of a Low Impact Sustainable Development agenda and we will be documenting and releasing this process onto all of the online networks that we sponsor and manage.  The Transition California Network will be the recipient of the bulk of this information and resources over the coming years and we look forward to deepening our existing relationships with all of the members whom we have established strong ties with. 

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