Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So unfortunately as most of us know, the Labeling of GMO’S in Prop 37 did not pass. The battle continues and we are still pushing to see GMO’S eradicated from out grocery stores and farms. We now bring you news right out of your favorite science-fiction novel…
Genetically Modified Salmon, the first genetically modified animal in the united states, coming soon to a store near you. The United States has been more then willing to use its consumers as one big test subject and now this salmon is ready to be dished up, unless we have something to say about it!

Aquabounty, the company that engineered this fish took the genes of a Chinook salmon growth hormone and an on-off gene from the fish Eelpout. They took these two genes and then inserted them into the eggs of an Atlantic Salmon. The result is a salmon that grows twice as fast as wild and farmed salmon.
The FDA is ready to launch this fish onto our dinner plates without even having studied its long term effects when consumed by humans.

This is not only bad news for humans, these new fish could threaten the already devastated wild salmon populations. A scientific study showed that if just 60 GMO salmon were released or escaped into the wild they could eradicate wild salmon populations in less then 40 fish generations.

Jeffrey B. Kindler
Board member of
Intrexon and
Obama Management
Advisory Team
Who is behind this?…. Intrexon is a biotechnology company focusing on the industrial engineering of synthetic biology. Intexron Co. owns 48 percent stock in Aquabounty. And one of their board members, Jeffery B. Kindler, is also a board member for President Obama’s Management Advisory Board!   Those who want to see the GMO Salmon approved always present and market their products and ideas under a facade of altruistic benefit for human kind when in reality it has always been driven by greed and profit at the expense of our well being!  DDT was promoted as a beneficial chemical as well and those who banked on that great idea never had to pay for the consequences to humans, animals, and environment that are still happening from that ‘great idea’.     

Fortunately there are many ways you can help to stop this madness.  Right now there is an open public comment period that ends on February 25th.  The FDA has to listen to public opinion before this science experiment can move forward and we need everyone’s help to stop this.  If this fish makes it onto into our stores and restaurants what ideas will be cooked up next.   

Leave Comment:  FDA,  before the Feb. 25th, 2013 deadline.  Docket # FDA-2011-N-0899.  Be sure to leave a comment for all 3 Dockets.  Be sure to write in your own words your reasons for your demands.  
Call:  FDA Center for Veterinarian Medicine. #240-276-9300 (9am-5pm EST) or TOLL FREE at 888-463-6332.   When prompted, press 3 to speak with an FDA representative, then press 6 for ‘Animal, Drugs & Feed’.  This will take you to the office of FDA Center for Veterinarian Medicine.  Leave your message and return number with your concerns about the approval of GMO Salmon.

Tell the FDA you will not eat GMO Salmon and you demand they do not approve of it here
Sign the International Petition  STOP THE FRANKENFISH ATTACK

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